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About Shil Abzi Golestan

We as owners of Shil Abzi Golestan Co., founded the first private sectors in seafood processing and trading in Iran about 30 years ago in 1990 in the south provinces and Islands of Iran such as Boushehr, Hormozgan, Qeshm Island, and Dayer port under companies called Sigal Pars, Sadr Darya, and Golnari Co. through application of processing and packaging plants as well as various high capacity cold storages.

Shil Abzi Golestan Co. was registered under No. 1308 in the north of Iran, Golestan province, Gomishan area, by Caspian Sea, in 2014 in order to strengthen and develop aquaculture industry in the region.
Today we proceed our cooperation with farmers and fishermen, processing and packaging over 50% of total Vannamei Shrimp of the region in our plant comprising processing and packaging workshop as well as freezing tunnel and cold storage, so that we have been exporting our products every year worldwide so far .
We have established our installations based on international standards and licenses such as HACCP, EEC, IR, and so forth, capable to freeze 20 ton of products within 24 hours and keep them in the cold storage up to 2000 ton in minus 18 to 25 Celsius degree.

It is our goal to meet our honorable clients’ satisfaction through our long term experience, our specialists, and standard installations and plant. Our products: - Fresh frozen Iranian Vannamei Shrimp as HOSO, HLSO, PUD T-ON, PUD T-OFF, P&D T-ON, P&D T-OFF, and other processed types based on client order. - Sturgeon(Caviar Fish) - Rainbow Trout Fish - Other Iranian sea bass fishes demonstrated in Products section.